Creating from Joy - MuseI’ve been way too serious lately, focusing on all of my to-do lists and outcomes. So this month I’m embracing more of my playful side by choosing to create more of my great work from a place of JOY AND PLAYFULNESS… no matter what.

Creating From Joy

I am choosing to let go of form.
Instead of focusing on the outcome,
I’m choosing to enjoy the creative process.
I’m allowing my inner muse to guide me.
Yes. I am choosing to let go of form.

I recorded this 90 second soulful inquiry just for YOU…

What would you love to create from pure love, with no attachment to how it’s going to unfold – no attachment to the outcome?

Let me know in the comments below…

Still Evolving

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  • Sherry Aikens (@Babypop)

    I love this idea fun pure and playful womens circle. Cant wait to learn more. Add me to the list.
    I need to create more sew.. everything I do creatively is related to money I love to knit because I cant sell it.