YES! I love best-selling author and artist SARK (aka Susan Ariel Rainbow Kennedy) and have been living my dream by doing some outreach for her and her amazing programs! SARK gives me permission to write in full color!

SARK just launched SARK-In-Your-Pocket: Your Audio/Visual Creative Companion.

Click here for a delightful, free sample to download and enjoy!

SARK created this inspiring Audio/Visual Creative Companion to provide a way for you to connect and expand upon your creative energies, wherever you go or are.

SARK-In-Your-Pocket is an anytime, anywhere reminder that YOU are your own best creative companion! We are meant to live creatively, and BE creative, in our work and in our lives.

SARK fully believes creativity experienced and expressed is the foundation of self-care. This means that you respond to life creatively, and give yourself gifts daily that delight and nourish your mind, body and spirit.

SARK-In-Your-Pocket Will Help You…

  • Free your creative spirit; this means doing what you love more often
  • Learn to be and live as an artist of life; this means experiencing life more creatively all the time
  • Nourish your soul; this means filling your thoughts with ideas, concepts, words and colors that are fulfilling
  • Commit to living a juicy life; this means making your most alive choices- the ones that make the hairs on the back of your neck stand up

Let SARK-In-Your-Pocket remind you and give you permission to live creatively all the time.

Your SARK-In-Your-Pocket Kit Includes:

  • A downloadable MP3 audio recording of SARK’s book “A Creative Companion”. The recording is one-hour long, and professionally produced with inspiring music and sound surprises to delight and inspire your senses.
  • A Creative Companion Guidebook to accompany your Creative Companion adventure, which includes inspiring tools to ground the experience, such as follow-up journal questions, creative projects, downloadable SARK art, and more.
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