Free Soul Inspired Gifts for Women

I have some exciting news to share with you today!

My good friend, Publisher Linda Joy of Aspire Magazine just opened the doors to the Inspired Living Giveaway, which is a heart-centered, soul-inspired gift giveaway created to support, empower and inspire WOMEN in thriving in every area of their lives.

This free gift giveaway is a great resource for living in more alignment with your heart and soul. There are free heart-centered e-courses, guided meditations, e-books, audios, videos and supportive tools created by women and for women.

Claim your free soul inspired gifts today >


Free Soul Inspired Gifts for Women

Now through April 21st you can access over 70 high-value transformational resources from a collective of visionary women including gifts like:

  • Ignite Your Inner Sparkle Guided Meditations
  • Heal Your Relationship with Money Using Art
  • Magical Goddess Lifestyle 5 piece Swag Bag
  • The Sacred Art of Joy Spotting
  • 7 piece Goddess Path to Self-Love and Body-Love Program
  • 5 Steps to Your Passionate Feminine Purpose
  • 6 piece Holistic Practice Building Kit and CD
  • Conscious Writing 3 part Video Series
  • 7 Day Beating Burnout Transformation
  • Art for the Heart Mini Retreat
  • The Purpose and Passion Guidebook

Plus 60+ additional empowering gifts to support you in mastering the art of living.

Register now for 70+ free soul inspired gifts >


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