Gratitude and Grace


Your voice, your truth, and your wisdom are needed in this world.  And so are mine.

I didn’t always think this was true, mainly because my voice, truth, and wisdom seemed to be so different from conventional wisdom. Then I started speaking my truth. I started writing and publishing my inner wisdom. And that is when I realized just how much my voice does matters.

In a world where “they” are saying “Hustle. Move Faster.” I am standing in my gentle power reminding you to “Slow Down” so you can feel into your heart & soul and live in alignment with your inner wisdom.

So today I’m over the moon excited to let you know that my voice – my truth and wisdom – has officially been published inInspiration for a Woman’s Soul: Opening to Gratitude and Grace.

Gratitude and GraceI’m honored to have my story, “My Out-Of-The-Box Life” be a part of this soul-nourishing project along with 37 extraordinary female authors who have shared their intimate stories of surrender, self-discovery and transformation. This book shows how, through the power of gratitude, we all discovered grace in the midst of life’s challenges.

ORDER your copy of Gratitude And Grace today and receive access to over 60 transformational gifts… PLUS you’ll receive an invitation to join our Gratitude And Grace Facebook Party & Giveaway for a chance to win soul inspired prizes (gratitude candles, live inspired bracelets, sacred jewelry, inspiring clothing, and other gratitude and grace inspired items).

Throughout the pages of Gratitude and Grace you’ll discover intimate, soul-powered narratives from thirty-eight women, including ME, who have shifted their perceptions, strengthened their hearts, and found ease in their daily lives through the power of gratitude.

As my publisher Linda Joy shares in the introduction: “When we begin to live from a place of gratitude, we can begin to create real change in our lives. When we embrace gratitude in every moment, even when our current circumstances reflect something vastly different than what we desire, we invite grace into our lives.”



May you always remember that your voice matters… and may you live each day with gratitude and grace.

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