What Brings You Joy?

what brings you joy

Sometimes winters brings me down.
The cold the weather.
The darker days.
The lack of sunshine on my shoulder.

So this is the time of year when I need to amp up on things that bring me joy. And I invite you to join me.

JOY opens your mind, lifts your spirit, and heals your body. Today I welcome you to be present and engaged with a joyful activity.

During the long cold winter, my joyful moments include playing with my children, reaching out to a new or old friend, helping women deepen in self-trust and tap more into their intuition, flying off to Miami for the weekend, or curling up with a cup of coffee near my fireplace.

what brings you joy

What brings you JOY?

Choose to take time for yourself.  Choose to renew your energy and feel the joy. Your body, mind, and spirit will reward you with more energy, more focus, and more resistance against stress.

Enjoyment is like art, it is in the eye of the beholder. Do what makes you happy. Take time today, even if it is only five minutes, and thoroughly feel JOY move through your body.

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