LOVE IS THE ANSWERAs a self-proclaimed Warrior of Love, I feel called to share global examples of how LOVE is always the answer.

This video is another example. Rapper Richard Williams, aka Prince Ea, reminds us all that there is still hope… that we can choose to be Human BEINGS… not just human DOINGS.

In this video, he asked “What can we do in the face of all this madness and chaos? What is the solution?”

And his answer is… “WE CAN LOVE.” We can perform acts of kindness. We can plant seeds of goodness. We can be mindful during every interaction.  We can show a little more compassion than usual. We can forgive. We can meet anger with sympathy, meet hatred with compassion, and meet cruelty with kindness.

I’m not familiar with Prince Ea’s other songs, but this is my kind of rap!

Still Evolving

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