Ready to Slow Down?
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Slowing down and being in stillness are essential for connecting with your inner wisdom so you can live in alignment with your heart and soul. To listen to your inner guidance and then take action on that guidance, you must first slow down.

1. Start With Just One Thing: Choose one part of your day today and do that slower. It may be eating a meal slower, taking a shower slower, or washing the dishes slow. Whatever you choose to slow down, remember to be as present as you possibly can be.

2. Do Nothing: Try it, even for 5 minutes. Sit on your sofa, sit in your backyard, or lay in bed. Just BE with yourself. No agenda. Nothing to accomplish. And if you MUST DO something during these 5 minutes, focus on your breath.

3. Chillax: Unwind. Maybe this meaning slowly savoring a glass of wine. Maybe for you this means curling up and reading a great book. For me, my favorite place to chillax is by a pool or a body of water. What is your favorite way to chillax?

4. Embrace Stillness: Stillness is essential if you want to connect with your inner wisdom and align your life with what matters most to your heart and soul. It helps you get present plus it allows you to feel into whatever it is that is blocking you from truly standing in your power.

5. Breathe: Deep breathing helps you get back into your body and out of your mind when you are feeling stressed, angry, or anxious. According to Harvard Medical School, deep breathing helps slow down your heartbeat and can lower or stabilize your blood pressure.

6. Take a Technology Break: As in no email and no social media… and even better – no internet. Spend an afternoon being old school and enjoy not being overstimulated by a screen or mobile device. Try deleting all social media apps from your phone (don’t worry, you can add them back later). Notice what happens.

7. Light Candles: Just by being in candlelight instead of using electricity, helps me slow everything down and puts me in a state of calm. Sometimes when my kids are rambunctious at dinner time, I’ll light candles and turn off the lights to create a more relaxing atmosphere. It’s amazing how quickly my boys slow down when we eat by candlelight.

What is your favorite way to slow down?

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