The Other F Word Season Two 2I watched Season One last year and loved how they weaved together humor, female friendships, self-empowerment and personal self-discovery.

Now all six new episodes of Season 2 are available to be streamed on Amazon for FREE with a cast lineup including: Judy Gold, Steve Guttenberg, Gilbert Gottfried, Michael Boatman, Alysia Reiner and Nancy Giles. The Other F Word was created by Caytha Jentis… and for Season Two, former Comedy Central EVP and comedian Judy Gold joins Jentis as an Executive Producer.

Living Life Without Needing Anyone Else’s Permission

One thing I love about Season Two is watching many of the leading women explore life on their own terms. Episode by episode they are each feeling into what is and is not in alignment in their lives. These characters explore who they are in their careers, relationships, parenting, women’s wellness (including menopause) and more.

I especially appreciate the story lines relating to parenting teenagers and college age children. This season goes deep into the duality of the parent’s expectations for their children and what is the highest and greatest good for their children. As a mom of a preteen and teenager, this truly pulled on my heart strings.

As a mom, I want to guide my children… direct and teach them all about the meaning of life. And in the same moment, I’m aware that their path needs to be their path. It’s such a dance to raise up-and-coming adults. It’s the dance of giving them space while also wanting to be there to illuminate the path before them. Season Two of The Other F Word does a beautiful job portraying the illusions and realities of this dance.

The Show’s Creator, Writer and Executive Producer Caytha Jentis is an Inspiration

Both seasons of The Other F Word were produced on a micro budget and embraced by bloggers who have helped spread the word to increase interest in the series. I can tell this is her baby and her passion. She has a collective story to tell that is opening space for new conversations to emerge.

She is a true pioneer when it comes to embodying the feminine model of collaboration. While Jentis wrote the show, she had help from other moms and women entrepreneurs behind the scenes. And in return, in full feminine collaboration spirit, she supported women entrepreneurs by featuring their products on the show including 10th Studio, peach, Adam & Eve Unbound Box, SheSpark, Pink Truck. Hey Caytha, Let me know if you want to spotlight the Path of Self Love School or Awaken, The Divine Feminine Experience in Season Three! (*wink wink*).

Tune In!

If you liked Sex In The City, I think your love and appreciate The Other F Word. Tune in to Season Two of The Other F Word on Amazon and follow The Other F Word Series on Facebook for the latest news and updates about the show.


Disclosure:  I was compensated for my review of this series. However, all thoughts and opinions are my own and not influenced by compensation.

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