Writer's BlockYes, it’s sad but true. My words are blocked somewhere between my head and my computer screen. My creative juices aren’t feeling very juicy and I have a bad case of writer’s block.

I’m living inside 140 characters

So much is running around my head yet I can’t seem to process my thoughts into more than 140 characters. I’m excited about the 21 Day Mom Renewal Challenge that I’m hosting on Facebook, but again, that doesn’t require more than 140 characters at a time.

My intention this evening was to write my first blog post for the Women’s Channel on Technorati.  I’ve been at my computer all night staring at a white screen. So I finally decided to write about my inability to write. To acknowledge the problem and plow forward anyway.

So here I go. I’m writing. Trying not to judge myself. Already not liking how this post is going. I ask myself…

Why do I have writer’s block?

(my list of brainstorming answers)

  • I have been spending too much time writing on micro-sites, which only require 140 characters or less.
  • The perfectionist in me thinks I need to be wittier and funnier than I really am.
  • My head is spinning in too many directions.
  • I’ve been neglecting my meditation practice.
  • I’m too tired to think.
  • I’m not ready to publish what I really have to say.

So what is it that I really want to say?

I want to say that I am so done with my Corporate America job. I’m ready to use my time and energy and life to heal the world and manifest a shift in the human spirit. There’s so much more to say, but for now, I’ll leave it at that.

I want to say it’s essential for moms to dream big! I want to tell women everywhere to have patience, to get really clear about their dreams, and to move forward towards their dreams, no matter how small the steps are, every single day.

I want to give every mom permission to hold her dream gently in her heart, mind, and spirit.

Moving towards your dream is actually living your dream!

I want to tell women everywhere to keep their minds open to new possibilities. I want to remind them dreams do come true. I also want to remind them that dreams can be hard and scary.

I want to say have faith, be positive, be smart, and listen to your Inner Wisdom. You cannot go on your dream journey without your Inner Wisdom by our side. Listen to her cheering you on and reminding you why you are on this journey.

Who am I really talking to?

I want to share my words with moms. I want to inspire, empower, and give women permission to shine. But after reading what I just wrote, it now seems obvious that I am also writing these words to myself.

Perhaps these are the words of my Inner Wisdom and I’ve been too busy to listen to her. So I’m listening, I’m pausing, and hey…look at me, I’m evening writing again.

Creative Commons License photo credit: Vince Kusters

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  • Alexandra

    Do you know what gives me writer’s block?


    I read so much on the internet, and think everyone is so much better, more articulate than I am.

    That’s bad talk. I have to remember: I have something to say, maybe it won’t sound as polished or pretty…but I have something to say that only I can say.

    The head is 99% of the battle…the rest: physical, such as fatigue, time, etc.

    But the head? I am the one in charge of driving the head.

    Great post!

  • Thanks Amazing Alexandra. This was a really hard post for me to write. It was like getting back in the saddle. It is about doubt. I think that is why I have such a hard time writing for other blogs such as http://thechicagomoms.com and http://technorati.com/women. YOU are my inspiration.

  • kelli

    Well, there’s a good start! I left a high powered real estate career to stay at home and homeschool my kids- I didn’t mean for it to happen- It just did- and now I’m so thankful. (most days!) Writing is my dream- my blog is my start although I’ve actually been published in local magazines (I had a couple of columns for awhile) This is my first chance to write what I want to write. Lately, I feel a calling to dig deeper- to write about more than just the “cute little crafty thing” we did today. (although, I like crafting with my kiddos) I want to reach women. I want to encourage women to love themselves, to love their children, to support each other, and yup- to follow their dreams!
    really loved this post- see what you pulled out of me? thank you!

  • Hi Kelli, Thank you for sharing your thoughts on MomRenewal.com. We never know how our words will impacts others.

  • Lisa

    You Writer’s Block-inspired post inspired me. So much for Writer’s Block, huh?

  • Lisa – It’s funny. I was spending so many hours trying to figure out what to write…and when I finally stopped thinking and just began writing…the words finally flowed out of me.

  • Louisa

    Thanks for your beautiful article. I found it really inspiring. I am just about to start writing a blog – I think! Been thinking about it for a while now, and have just started taking the first baby steps towards making writing more than a hobby for me. I was surfing around, seeing who else is writing on similar themes and yours is my favourite so far. Writers block, schmock.